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‘Maybe next year’ Cubs Fan Travel preparations already beginning

Disappontment doesn’t really decribe the plight of this years Cubs Fans… it’s more like an angry sadness. This time around we had a great team with a great record. We had broken what we thought were all the curses – the last being the re-formation of the West Side Rooters (can we all say OOF WAH!)

I’m now a member of the Rooters which is the original fan club of the Chicago Cubs. Founded in 1908 and kicked out of the ballpark for being too rowdy – back in the day, cheering and yelling was considered unsavory… thank god I live in 2008! Anyway, after the Rooters were banned from attending Cubs games the Cubs stopped winning Championships. This is way before the goat and the Bartman ball. We have broken all the rest of the curses so our friends down at Harry Caray’s thought maybe this was the last curse that was standing between the Cubs and their World Series title. 

The Cubs let the Rooters back in the stadium this season but for some reason the end result was still the same. Although one could contend that the Cubs did have the best record in baseball this season and did make it to the playoffs. Sure… but the result was still the same. So I don’t get it. What happened? Maybe the West Side Rooters need one more year of OOF WAH’s to really finally break this curse? Maybe there is another curse out there that Cubs fans don’t know about?  By the way, I have a great section profiling the Rooters in my book coming out next year called Sports Traveler – Chicago. 

Despite the disappointment of the 2008 season, we have already begun planning our tour packages for the 2009 Cubs Season – and Cubs Fans from around the world are already making their reservations requests. Why? Because we always have hope. My grandfather believed in this team and so do I. There is nothing like being at Wrigley Field on a warm Saturday afternoon with a nice lake breeze and sunshine. The history of the place just gives you this special feeling. It’s not a fancy glitzy stadium and it shouldn’t be. It’s historic and old and full of great memories. It’s going to be a cold winter here in Chicago again and I can hardly wait for Baseball to be back here in the city.

So if you are a Cubs Fan, join us in Chicago in 2009. If your not, join us to cheer your home team play mine. Maybe whatever curse it was lasts only 100 years and the 101st year is the when we get to break it? Hope so…