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Penn State looks to be heading to the Rose Bowl

After defeating the Michigan State Spartans 49-18 on Saturday, the Penn State Nittany Lions looks to be heading to the 2009 Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Penn State Rose Bowl Travel Packages including roundtrip airfare from Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are all on-sale and ready to book now!

Why Book Today?
Because there are only so many seats available on these charter aircrafts. Sure, you might think waiting will save you some money, but in fact, once we sell out these charter planes to Pasadena we will not be adding any more planes. Coming in from other cities? Then booking your airfare now is a must! Airfares on the major carriers will go up as the planes sell out. The airlines have cut back their schedules due to the the economy making seats on planes a premium.

Choose from Penn State Rose Bowl Travel Packages or just buy your Rose Bowl Game Tickets and Tournament of Roses Parade Tickets – a must if attending the Rose Bowl!

Who will PSU face in the 2009 Rose Bowl? Maybe Oregon State or USC Trojans?

– anbritt


New Hotel Now Available for Vancouver 2010!

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Games are now just 15 months away. Can you believe it? Sports Traveler is gearing up for this great event by offering you three Vancouver hotel options that are available for purchase now.

Check out our new property The Plaza 500 – located in Vancouver’s popular West End district.

All reservations include airport shuttle transfers, breakfast daily plus a welcome dinner and access to hospitality area with snacks/drinks/maps, TVs, etc.

The Plaza 500 is an upscale hotel located in Vancouver’s posh West End. It is situated across the street from Vancouver City Hall and the City Square shopping Square. At a height of 17 stories this property gives travelers the chance to gaze down upon the city below them, the mountains to the north and east and the ocean to the west. A great central location to stay during the Vancouver Games!

Additional lodging is also available at the Ramada Suites and Blue Horizon. View all of the Sports Traveler Winter Games Hotel Rooms in Vancouver.

I can hardly wait to see the Figure Skating events and Hockey games. If you want to take a preview tour to see the best figure skaters in the World definately join me and your fellow Sports Traveler’s in Los Angeles this March for the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships!

At the 2010 Vancouver games, hotel rooms are going to be tough to find. I know the event tickets haven’t yet become available, and that might be holding some of you back in making your reservations, but I would like to give you a good suggestion… Choose lodging ahead of time around the events that you would like to see, otherwise you most likely will not find a place to sleep! The most important part of your trip is where you lay your head at night – no hotel room and it won’t matter what tickets you end up with, you probably won’t be able to use them. Book early and get the best prices now!

Top College Teams and Fans gear up for Bowl Game Travel

Sports Traveler is getting ready for our favorite time of the year.. no, not Christmas… Bowl Season!

It’s so much fun hearing from college football fans ready to travel all over the US to see their team play. At Sports Traveler we already have a lot of Bowl Game options ready to book. I know it’s early and we don’t know the teams yet, but you can start making your plan ahead of the rest today!

The top bowl game is going to the College Football National Championship game in Miami Florida. Miami is one of the best places to be in January. Actually, I can’t think of any place better to be than Miami in the winter. From the hot hot South Beach area to quiet areas of Ft. Lauderdale – everyone will find something fun to do. Maybe think about extending your trip to the Keys for a few days after the game on Jan. 8th, and making a vacation out of your Bowl Game Trip. Our full service travel desk can help you plan every part of your trip from start to finish – airfare, rental car, extra nights in different Florida cities, etc.

Take a look at all the BCS Packages that we now have on-sale and start your planning!  Choose from the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or BCS National Championship Game

Don’t understand how the whole BCS Bowl Game system that determines what team goes to the BCS National Championship Game? Our travel and sports experts break it all down for you here:

The first BCS standings came out this week and Texas, Alabama, and Penn State are your top 3 teams.  Including Texas, there are four teams from the Big 12 South who are in the top 8 in the BCS Standings.  Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma are all legitimate contenders.  Since these teams are in the same division, only one can qualify for the Big 12 Championship.  The winner of the conference clinches a BCS Berth and how the season is progressing, one of these 4 teams will be in the National Championship.

‘Maybe next year’ Cubs Fan Travel preparations already beginning

Disappontment doesn’t really decribe the plight of this years Cubs Fans… it’s more like an angry sadness. This time around we had a great team with a great record. We had broken what we thought were all the curses – the last being the re-formation of the West Side Rooters (can we all say OOF WAH!)

I’m now a member of the Rooters which is the original fan club of the Chicago Cubs. Founded in 1908 and kicked out of the ballpark for being too rowdy – back in the day, cheering and yelling was considered unsavory… thank god I live in 2008! Anyway, after the Rooters were banned from attending Cubs games the Cubs stopped winning Championships. This is way before the goat and the Bartman ball. We have broken all the rest of the curses so our friends down at Harry Caray’s thought maybe this was the last curse that was standing between the Cubs and their World Series title. 

The Cubs let the Rooters back in the stadium this season but for some reason the end result was still the same. Although one could contend that the Cubs did have the best record in baseball this season and did make it to the playoffs. Sure… but the result was still the same. So I don’t get it. What happened? Maybe the West Side Rooters need one more year of OOF WAH’s to really finally break this curse? Maybe there is another curse out there that Cubs fans don’t know about?  By the way, I have a great section profiling the Rooters in my book coming out next year called Sports Traveler – Chicago. 

Despite the disappointment of the 2008 season, we have already begun planning our tour packages for the 2009 Cubs Season – and Cubs Fans from around the world are already making their reservations requests. Why? Because we always have hope. My grandfather believed in this team and so do I. There is nothing like being at Wrigley Field on a warm Saturday afternoon with a nice lake breeze and sunshine. The history of the place just gives you this special feeling. It’s not a fancy glitzy stadium and it shouldn’t be. It’s historic and old and full of great memories. It’s going to be a cold winter here in Chicago again and I can hardly wait for Baseball to be back here in the city.

So if you are a Cubs Fan, join us in Chicago in 2009. If your not, join us to cheer your home team play mine. Maybe whatever curse it was lasts only 100 years and the 101st year is the when we get to break it? Hope so…


Invitation to contribute to ‘Sports Traveler – Chicago’ book

I have recently completed a book devoted to traveling to Chicago for sporting events. The book is called Sports Traveler – Chicago (Lake Claremont Press) and it will be in bookstores nationwide in February 2009.

I am in the final editing process and wanted to reach out to all Chicago Sports Fans to ask if you would like to contribute to the book in a special section called “Chicago Fan Memories”.

Do you have a special memory of the first time you walked through the gates at Wrigley Field or Soldier Field? Do you have a favorite place that you visited while in Chicago that you would like to share with your fellow sports fans? Post it here and maybe we will pick your memory for the book!



Thanks –



Beijing Wrap Up

Back home and guess what? You can’t blog in China! The government doesn’t trust blogs so they block them from being accessed and viewed. So we weren’t able to blog while we were onsite but I have posted a great picture of our onsite team. Thanks to all of our clients for their business and we really enjoyed meeting all of you. See you in Vancouver….

And we have been getting a few pin requests from people wanting them for their collections. We still have a few left so if you want a Sports Traveler official Olympic Trading Pin please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Sports Traveler ATTN: Olympic Pins, 1803 W. 95th Street, Suite 101, Chicago, IL, USA, 60643

~ anbritt

Sports Traveler onsite team in Beijing China

Sports Traveler onsite team in Beijing China

Olympic Pin Exchange

I’m heading to the Olympics next week and one of the great traditions that I am looking forward to taking part in is the Olympic Pin exchange. I am planning on collecting pins from around the world from fellow sports travelers and displaying them here at our Chicago office. I can’t think of a better souvenir. So that got us talking here… how can our clients and staff start exchanging pins if we have no pins to start the exchange with? We know there will be plenty of pins to buy when we get there but they won’t be anything related to us. So we created the first ever Sports Traveler Summer Games Trading Pin! If you purchased a travel package you will get some in your final document package to use to start your own pin collection with the world. See you in Beijing. Read this article I found online about more pin trading information….
See you in Beijing!

Check this out from 

The tradition of trading Olympic pins began in the early days of the Olympic movement, all the way back to 1896 in Athens. In the following years, national team officials wore their Olympic pins to display their nationality.

There are also a variety of officials pins, athlete pins and media pins to identify a person’s status. At the end of the games, the wearers often exchange pins as a way of collecting souvenirs and making new friends.

In the following years, many Olympic partners began designing and selling Olympic pins, helping the tradition to grow and expand. Coca Cola is one of them. The company not only issues pins but has also built the first pin trading center for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Here is David Brooks, vice president of Coca Cola China. 

“The Coca Cola Company for the 1976 Olympics did work to actually create an official pin trading to get the culture started creating pins and inviting not just officials and athletes, but also the spectators.

And the general public had also got involved in pin trading.” The Olympic pin trading culture has become a distinct part of the Olympic Games. And it has grown from Olympics to Olympics. It was very big in Sydney, and also quite popular in Greece. And Mr. Brooks expects more from Beijing in this August.

“For 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Coka Company will be celebrating our  80th years of continuous Olympic sponsorship. So for us, it’s a very important Olympics. We’re looking forward to a lot of people buying pins, trading pins. And the value for us is in people exchanging, and greeting: ‘Hello, Would you like to trade a pin with me? That creates a great human interaction within people. Where’re you from? How’s your country doing on the Olympics? How do you like Beijing? ‘It gives a chance to break the eyes, and meet somebody else and have a fun, exchange with someone else. I’m looking forward this summer to see lots of scenes of young people, old people, especially people from different countries trading pins with each other, laughing with each other, having a fun time, because of the small link and small bridge that pin trading provided to people.”

Because of China’s large population of people who are passionate about the Olympic Games, the beverage Company has designed a series of pins with Chinese flavor. One of the new pins depicts the “Bird Nest” National Stadium.

Birds Nest Pin Set

Birds Nest Pin Set

“We have a very special agreement with the companies that own the Bird Nest National stadium, where the opening and close ceremony will be held. We have purchased the left of the steel to create Olympic pins. So for the first time every people can buy Olympic pin that is actually made of the same steel that the national stadium is made of. It will have a lot of souvenir value and monumental value for people.”

For the Beijing Olympics, the company will place many pin trading locations around Beijing and China.

“For the first time ever, we’re going to have a Coca Cola pin trading center inside the Olympic Village where all the athletes and officials live, right next to the main Olympic area in Beijing. There will be a small pin trading center where the athletes can buy the Water Pins to learn about the environment, learn about how to be better environmental ambassadors when they go back to their country. And that for us is a very important first step of bringing the pin trading and bringing these messages to the athletes as well.”

David hopes that through the Olympic Pin programs in China, the values and culture of Olympic Pin Trading will be better understood by the Chinese people.

New Beijing Games Podcast

Just a quick Sports Traveler Radio update… the Beijing Preview Part 3 podcast and it is available for download now. Find it at or listen online using the podplayer. The show is one of my favorite STR’s yet. Angelo also interviews our friend Adam Dailey, a former US track and field star and owner of Ludus Tours. Adam took time out from watching the US Track and Field Olympic trials to talk to us. It’s a great interview. Thanks Adam! I’m working on getting some new pictures from Beijing online soon.

I can’t believe how time is flying. I will be back in Beijing in just a few weeks. I’m looking forward to meeting all our clients in person and seeing the events. If you still want to join Sports Traveler in Beijing it is not too late. We have some excellent last minute trips ready to book. Visit for all the details.

Hey, we were featured this week in Smart Money online magazine as the Deal of the Day!: 

We were also recently featured in my favorite magazine National Geographic Traveler. Despite the copy of the magazine sitting proudly on my desk, I forgot to blog and announce that. Page 33 if you still have the May/June issue around.

Thanks to all the publications for your features. I enjoy talking to the writers and giving interviews about my favorite trip we sell at Sports Traveler – the Beijing Summer Games!

We will be doing 3 more podcasts to complete our 6-part series. One more before we leave this month, one on the opening ceremony day, and the final one during week 2 of the Games – fingers crossed that it works out like that, but that’s the plan. Check back on our blogs for daily updates when we’re in Beijing….

~ Anbritt

Super Sports Weekend at Sports Traveler

From San Antonio to Dallas/Ft. Worth, to Augusta the first weekend in April is full of super sporting events for Sports Traveler. Our staff and our clients have fanned out across the country for some of the greatest sporting events of the year. This weekend is special for us at Sports Traveler – and busy! We have the triple header of The Final Four, Texas 500 and The Masters kicking off, all at the same time!

I’m reporting to you from Augusta, Georgia tonight after a nice long delayed-filled day of flying. I’m tired but I’m here and ready for another great Masters Week. The town is ready to go. The flowers are in bloom and the grass is really green. And I found a great place to catch a true southern meal with excellent food – be sure to check out Sconyers Bar-B-Que, 2250 Sconyers Way, Augusta, GA 30906, Phone: (706) 790-5411. This place has been around since 1956 and is only open 3 days a week (Thursday, Friday, Sat.) It’s so good, President Carter used to have this sauce flown up to the White House. This is my new “can’t miss place” to eat at here. 

This is the official Masters website: 
But.. I like this site better:  Check out the tab at the top “The Course” for a very detailed guide to each hole.

Bring and/or Buy:
A chair, sunblock, a hat – not a visor to avoid head burn – yes this can happen. Put sunblock on your ears – yes, these can get burned really bad and yes this happened to me last year and a certain other staff member at the US Open.

My Tips for relaxing Masters watching:
Park yourself on a green and watch them putt for awhile. Then park yourself at a tee and watch them tee off for awhile. Do both of these things at Amen Corner (11,12) where you can see both from your chair or sit by 15, 16, 17. If you try to follow Tiger he will leave you in his dust. The guy walks so fast that he could take up speed walking for his next career. Right after the golfers finish up their rounds, they usually hit the driving range behind the main clubhouse to hit a bucket of balls. Watch them tee it up and work on their swings with their coaches from the bleachers and rest your feet.

Remember ladies, measure your purse before going in (must be 10″W x 5″H x 5″D). If it’s too big, you will have to check it. No cameras, no cell phones, no pagers. Camera’s are ok on practice round days!



We’re back, we’re blogging!

Sorry for the delay in posts. Our company has been growing so much that we kinda let the blog thing slip. It’s too bad too because we have been traveling so much and have so many great Sports Traveler stories to share. We are back so watch for more great Blogs to come!

Some quick Sports Traveler updates:

– anbritt