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We had the privilege and pleasure of talking with Kevin Lewis.  Kevin works for the Convention and Visitor’s Association of Minneapolis and gave us some great insight on what there is to do and see in a misunderstood city. 

STR Challenge:  The first person to send me a picture of themselves standing by the Cherry Spoon in Minneapolis will get a prize!  Email it to
The Cherry Spoon in Minneapolis

Tips and Tricks for The Minny (as I like to call it):

– The HHH Metrodome…it’s loud! 
     – Walk the concourse to find the hospitality tents.
     – Check out the J.D. Hoyt’s Steakhouse near the Dome for a hearty pregame meal.

– Large, but compact city…take a cab to get around or the Light Rail System that connects
     downtown to the airport to the MOA (Mall of America)

– Speaking of the MOA,  you should probably stock up on clothes, there is NO TAX
       on clothing in Minnesota.
– Go to the theatre, you won’t regret it…the Guthry Theatre is a safe bet.
      – Minneapolis is 2nd only to NYC in theatre seats per capita.

– Like to wine and dine?  The Oceanaire is fabulous…so is Mortons!

-Murry’s Restaurant has been there 60 years!

– Like the nightlife?  Get yourself to the Wearhouse District.
      – Block E by the Target Center has a lot of clubs, cinemas, and other entertainment. 

– SPAM is made in Minnesota!

– Need family time, try one fo the most successful family museum and theatre

– Drive up to Duluth (about 30 mins northof Minneapolis) in the fall for some beautiful

-22 lakes in Metro Minny…maybe you should save that for the summer months.

– Not as cold as you think!  September avg. high = 70 degrees!

If you haven’t been to Minneapolis yet, you are seriously missing out!  Get up there, check out the restaurants, check out Block E, and get to a Vikings game.  It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.  Thanks to Kevin Lewis for all the info.



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